Photography and filmmaking

Photography and filmmaking are very much about experience and discovery.  My experience allows me to intuitively create shots that resonate with my clients and their audience.


Experience is what allows me to set up the shot with beautiful lighting utilizing the best angle and perspective.


Discovery occurs on set after everything is set up and we start shooting.  It’s a process that involves paying close attention to what is in front of the lens and being receptive to seeing the subject as if for the first time.

This combination of experience and discovery keeps the images fresh and allows me to respond in the moment.  All of the research and preproduction discussions set the stage for this jumping-off point.  Now the magic can happen.

It’s important to be open to the happy accidents which occur on set and to let new inspiration guide you.  There is a large element of play involved, and without it, the work gets stale.

“Discovery requires confidence, which comes from experience.  As a client, you should insist upon both.”

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Christopher Paul

Founder & Visual Storyteller

After a twenty-five year career in New York City as a professional cameraman working in movies, commercials, and music videos, I am now excited to call Utrecht my home.

More than just a cameraman, our initial conversations will include a discussion about your audience, how and where the images will be used, and if we’re shooting video, then I help with every aspect from ideation, script writing, shooting, editing and light motion graphics.

Working in the film industry has exposed me to a huge variety of shooting situations all over the world, and I bring that experience and training to your projects here in the Netherlands.  I shoot both still photography and video, depending upon the needs of the project.

Everyone is a photographer and videographer today.  

Clients come to us when, “good enough,” isn’t good enough.  We are here to listen, interpret and amplify on your behalf so that together we reach your audience with exceptional content in a fresh and creative way.”

“Every project presents an adventure, so let’s begin…”

Hunter Paul

Junior Creative

I was lucky to have spent a lot of time on professional film sets from a very young age.  I grew up surrounded by motion picture cameras and lights and hopefully, I learned something along the way!

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, and WordPress are just some of the tools in my toolbox.  I’m glad that I started learning these programs from a young age because they gave me the foundation and digital fluency I bring to work every day.